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3 Self-Publishing Options

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Publishing a piece of writing can feel like a difficult process to navigate. Traditionally, a complete and edited manuscript is submitted to a publication for review, and after a waiting period (that can last up to six months), the author would be notified of whether or not their piece is going to be published. This process is competitive, lengthy, and offers no guarantees. In recent years, thanks to a more digitized world, authors have found a new way to make sure their stories are heard. Self-publishing is a streamlined and relatively painless process that gives an author creative control over their book and allows them to share their work with the world.

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What Is Self-publishing?

Self-publishing refers to a process of writing, editing, and publishing that is essentially left entirely to the author. This means that the cost of production falls on the author’s shoulders alone, but so do the royalties and rights to their work. The benefit of working with a publishing company is that some of the heavy lifting with marketing and publication will be done for you, but this almost always leads to creative compromises, shared royalties, or rights to the book.

Self-publishing does not mean that the author will be doing all of the necessary editing and publishing tasks alone; it simply means that they have the freedom to hire anyone they’d like and have the ability to oversee the process as they see fit. When self-publishing, the writer has control over all of the decisions and the finances.

Self-publishing Options

In a world full of choices, self-publishing is no different. Technology has afforded authors many different avenues of self-publication, which makes it accessible to people who may otherwise not have had the opportunity.

1. Ebooks

Ebooks are a leading way that authors can self-publish with minimal cost and wait time. They tend to have a shorter wait time from completion to distribution, and downloadable book options are an eco-friendly way to enjoy the content. Paperbacks can also be printed through self-publishing platforms. Amazon KDP, Apple iBooks, and Kobo usually offer both and are some of the best self-publishing options available.

2. Amazon KDP

Amazon KDP stands for Kindle Direct Publishing and is the world’s leader in self-publishing by far. They offer two options–ebooks or paperback print–and both can be done directly through this service. For an ebook, authors will upload their work and it will appear in the Kindle store for readers to purchase and download immediately. To print a paperback, authors upload their work and KDP will print the book on demand when a copy is purchased.

Fees for this service are typically subtracted from the royalties from books sold. KDP is one of the best self-publishing options because they offer each author higher royalty percentages, rights to their book, fast publishing times, and no need for a backstock of inventory. Amazon KDP has name recognition and a wide reach, making shipping possible to many countries all over the world.

3. Independent Self-publishing Companies

Self-publishing companies can offer a variety of services to help an author get their book on the market. Some companies are equipped to assist with almost every step of the process, including editing, cover design, and distribution. There are other companies that specialize in one area of self-publishing by providing services like author education, which teaches an author step-by-step how to accomplish publishing on their own. Still, more self-publishing companies might also provide a platform where the book will be uploaded and sold as well.

Considering Self-publishing? Making A Way Writing Services Can Help

While traditional publishing is still a viable route to getting your work out into the world, it comes at a high cost that many modern authors aren’t willing to pay. With the freedom available through self-publishing and the support of experts that you can hire to aid you on your journey, there are lots of reasons to take this route and be in more control over the process. At Making A Way, we are well-versed in the art of self-publishing and can provide direction to get you started. Contact us at 203-645-2000 to learn more.

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