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Putting Your Best Foot Forward: Hire a Book Editor.

A book is a legacy. Writing a book is equal parts frustration and catharsis–it is beauty and madness. Aside from the sleepless nights typing, the hours of research, the revision, second guesses, and the emotional turmoil of it all—a book needs to be edited. It can be hard to decide what type of edits a book might need and even harder to decide who should do them.

Not sure if you need editing services to put your best foot forward? Let us help you decide at Making a Way Writing.

What is an Editor?

Editors are people trained in writing who expertly take the first draft and bring it to the next level with thoughtful, creative suggestions and diligent dedication to grammatical perfection. They are incredible resources to have in the stages following the completion of a manuscript and can lend their expertise to ensure that a book is written as impeccably as possible. When writing anything, but especially a book, the more hands on deck, the better. A book can feel like an overwhelming endeavor, and many who attempt it don’t succeed. Having a relationship with a trusted editor can make all the difference in actually completing the project and completing it to the best level possible.

Why Should I Hire an Editor?

Book editing is a profession that requires a specific set of skills. An editor is someone who will traverse the necessary phases of editing for an author and pick through a book line by line until it is in its most flawless state. Just some reasons to hire an editor are:

  • It saves time

  • Improves language use

  • Provides an objective viewpoint

  • Offers a fresh perspective

  • It saves frustration

Once a book manuscript is complete, the last thing an author probably wants to do is take the time and energy necessary to edit their work. Editors who understand the importance of spelling, grammar, word choice, and phrasing are called copy editors. These professionals are available to take over those editing responsibilities and offer the writer many helpful suggestions that make the book more readable and polished.

Developmental Editing

Before the details are worked out, developmental editing must take place. A developmental editor is someone who is trained to deeply understand elements of craft and story. This means that they are experts in character, plot, point of view, and more. A developmental editor is so important for many reasons and can offer creative solutions not seen by the author.

Developmental editing provides an impartial frame of reference for the book. The author has likely spent much time developing the story, the characters and plot, rigorously researching their subject matter, and sharing their expertise. It is only natural that a writer becomes emotionally attached to what they’ve written. It’s important to get the opinion of a developmental editor who has no prior emotional ties to the book and who can offer neutral suggestions for edits and rewrites that will improve the overall story. It’s tough for an author to choose to cut things that they love, even if it’s for the overall well-being of the book. Having a second set of eyes can make all the difference.

Interested in Finding a Book Editor? Making A Way Writing is Your Answer

At Making A Way Writing Services, we know the importance of editing. Professional editors work tirelessly to overturn every stone of your book and make sure it’s at its best before being submitted for publication. We have trained writers who offer editing services like proofreading and developmental editing, and are eager to help you take your manuscript from the first draft to publication. Contact us at to get started today.

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