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What is SEO?

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

SEO stands for search engine optimization. The ways that we search for new businesses—restaurants, hair salons, gyms—have narrowed to chiefly internet searches. It is easy, convenient, and–we hope–reliable. At our fingertips lie quick results that hold the best product or service to help us solve almost any problem. The better your business’s SEO, the greater the chance is that you’ll be found by the person searching for what you offer. An important factor in making sure that a business is being found is to learn about the fundamentals of SEO. Strategies like blog writing and keyword usage aid in greatly improving the SEO of any given website.


When we type the name of a business into a search bar, the website links that show up are known as SERPs. SERP refers to search engine results pages. Now, if you’re like most of us, the pages that show up at the top of that list are the ones you are most likely to click on. The first page of sites is the easiest to access and presumably lists the most successful, or at least most popular, businesses. We assume that the research has been done and that our most reliable options are appearing first. This assumption is exactly why SEO is so important. Search engine optimization speaks to the methods that can be used to help your website rank higher on SERPs.

Website Ranking

In an immediacy-focused, instantly gratified society, timing is everything. Most of us do not have the time (or attention span) to scroll through a never-ending catalog of websites to find the product or service we are looking for. With market saturation creating so much confusion and competition, it’s important to find sustainable ways to help your business stand out. If you aren’t showing up near the top of the SERP, you are likely to get lost in the sea of sites that have managed to outshine your (possibly superior) business, all because they knew how to improve their SEO. In order to avoid being overlooked by an eager potential client, you should use SEO techniques to get close to the top.

Techniques for SEO Optimization:

There are a variety of techniques that can be used for SEO optimization, including:

  • Title Tags

  • Keywords

  • Image Tags

  • Inbound Links

  • Blogs

What’s important to note is that while there are myriad ways of improving SEO, they are also ever-changing. When this concept first arose, search engines like Google and Yahoo looked at elements of a site, like visitor patterns and behavior, site structure, and site design. While these remain important, additional considerations like social media and blogging also now play a part.

Improving SEO with Blogs

Blogs can help improve SEO from a few different angles. They help, firstly, with your keyword usage. The more keywords pertaining to a topic that you use on your site, the more traffic gets driven to you. Blogs also help increase the frequency with which you update your content, creating more likelihood of visitors to your site. Blogs are also a great way to include keywords in a way that doesn’t feel clunky or forced—instead, you are providing information in an enjoyable and digestible way while improving SEO.

Adding a blog can also create visitor connections and allow new potential clients to stay engaged with your site longer. They also are a great resource for sharing content from visitors on social media platforms. This brings us to another important consideration—social media. As recently as a few years ago, social networking didn’t have nearly the impact that it does now on SEO optimization. The more information from your site that is searched or shared on socials, the more improved your SEO. This is a great way to reach a broader audience who might otherwise never find their way to your site organically via a search engine.

Rank Higher by Improving Your SEO With the Help of the Professionals at Making A Way Writing

The most important thing to consider when looking to optimize SEO is to create a strategy. The best way to create a strategy is with an expert. Companies like ours, Making A Way Writing Services, specialize in helping you find the best route toward SEO optimization. Don’t get lost in a sea of sites; let Making a Way guide your new clients straight to you. Reach out at 203-645-2000.

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