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Our Story

Come with us on this journey to learn how Making a Way Writing was created and the core values that we, as a company, intend to reflect on our customers. 

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Learn How Making A Way Writing Was Created!

We are not just any writing agency...

Making A Way Writing Services began from just a seed…like so many projects at conception, it was
sparked by Founder and Owner Rachel Arterberry’s desire to be a solution to a problem.

After writing her husband’s biography, she fell in love with writing and wanted to offer her services to others to help them share theirs as well. She realized she had a “gift” that others desired but not everyone had—the gift of writing!

Rachel began to take on other writing projects as a freelancer above and beyond biography writing, expanding her experience to include self-help and leadership books and learning about the many types of editing, SEO, and blog writing. She had fallen in love with words, something she never imagined would happen. When she was approached by a client inquiring if she could take on a large-scale writing project, the seed had been planted, and she did not hesitate, jumping at the chance to be a solution, to “make a way.”

Making A Way Writing Services was founded in late 2020 as the world was in lockdown, faced with the COVID-19 outbreak. Although she may have been unsure about the outcome and nervous about taking on this sizable project, Rachel was excited to be able to share her gift. Not only was this new business venture going to be a way for information to be shared, but she had also found a means to help many other freelancers like herself earn a much-needed income.


Making A Way Writing Services strives to provide engaging and exactly right content for a broad range of clients while ensuring that our diverse team of talented freelance writers earn a living doing what they do best. We are guided by empathy, integrity, and a devotion to powerful writing.

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