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We all have a story to tell. No matter where life has taken you or the journey you have been on, each of us has something to share with others. Maybe you want to document your life story for your family? Do you want to inspire others by sharing your struggles and ability to overcome them? Are you an entrepreneur with guidance for other aspiring business owners? 


Ghost Writing


It is common for people to say, “oh, I haven’t had an interesting life. What would I write about?” I believe that everyone has a story inside of them, making them unique. No other person has traveled along your EXACT path with the same experiences, challenges, and memories. How do you want future generations to remember you? What legacy will you leave for your grandchildren?  Through my unique style of interviewing authors, I can help document what is inside you and share it for the world to read. Many people have an idea, circumstance, or story that they want to share but are unsure of where to start or how to document it. This is where the services of a ghostwriter can help you put the words on paper. 

Types of Ghostwriting

Process block with black outline


or memoir 


Business book to support your brand 


Self-help book to inspire and change 


How-to book

or guide 


The information in your mind is valuable to “someone.” I make it easy to tell your story through recorded interviews by phone or video call.   


Whether the expected result is a self-help book, business guide, or autobiography, we do our best to ensure that we write in your tone, with your voice in mind. 


Once the direction has been established, we identify the medium for interviews and capture the content to be included. This may be through video, audio-only, or even in-person meetings. 



Drafting & Editing

Our writers then “go away” to produce the First Draft for the author’s review and edits.


Audio files are transcribed and used as the foundation for the book writing process, and an outline is developed (unless previously provided).



Final Manuscript

The author’s edits, suggestions, and changes are incorporated and presented in a fully edited, error-free final manuscript. 

Interested in Learning About Your Printing and Publishing Options?

We can help with the end-to-end process, including cover design, formatting, and publishing! 

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