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What is the Secret to Driving More Traffic to Your Website?

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

One of the most beneficial things a small business owner can learn is how to drive more traffic to their website. It also happens to be one of the more frustrating to grapple with. Let’s face it—the internet has a hold on us all. It is the most convenient, most popular way to make new connections and find easy solutions to our problems. With one quick click, millions of options are headed our way—a veritable unlimited well of data.

But the internet is also a busy, bustling, beguiling place, and if you don’t navigate it correctly, your business’ website can get lost in the shuffle. Your business can suffer, not because you aren’t offering impeccable products and services, but simply because it’s not easy to track you down. Fear not; there are solutions. Blog writing is one of the best-kept secrets in driving traffic to a site.

Driving Traffic to Your Website Through Blog Writing

Including a well-written and frequently updated blog on your site is one of the most effective ways to bring you more traffic, and at Making A Way Writing, we are more than happy to do it for you.

Including a Blog

Most small businesses today have a website. They don’t, however, all have a website with a blog. Small businesses can benefit greatly from adding a blog to their site. Adding a blog creates a number of indexed pages, which in turn can increase your site’s search engine optimization (SEO). It also allows greater engagement with your site, which improves SEO and provides more opportunities for visitors to find you. Quality content with strong titles is an excellent way to keep new visitors engaged.

Write Often

When you blog on your site, you create so many opportunities to update your content. The more often you update your site, the more traffic it will receive. Writing new blog posts twice a week can significantly impact the priority given to you by search engines like Google or Yahoo. Writing on trending topics also helps because you’ll tend to include keywords that are timely and likely to be searched.

Incorporate Keywords

Using words or phrases related to popular searches for your business on your website is a great way to drive traffic toward your business. You can use keywords in your titles, headings, and blog posts to increase the likelihood that potential leads will find your site. Incorporating keywords helps search engines gain a better understanding of your site and helps you gain better traction with their algorithms.

Use Social Media

Another great aspect of including a blog on your site is the ability to share your message with social media. Whether you are posting about your incredible services, stellar employees, upcoming business events, or any recent changes to your business—sharing your blog post on social media platforms is a great way to share your business with people who wouldn’t otherwise know about you. Just a few of the little-known pros of using social media via a blog are:

  • Increasing followers

  • Building a better connection with your audience

  • Solidifying your brand

  • Promotion of your business's products and services

  • Promotion through like-minded followers or influencers

Sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are vast and have the potential to connect influential people to your site. The more you blog, the more you can post on socials. The more you post, the more others can search and share your content. If your business’ website is easy to find, easy to navigate, and often updated—you can be sure that you will have visitors flowing your way and creating new potential business all the time.

Get Help From a Professional Writer at Making A Way Writing Services

Since small business owners are some of the busiest people on the planet, it is our pleasure at Making A Way Writing to take this one burden off your shoulders. We like to take what’s great about your business and help it become more easily seen, guiding you toward even greater success. With all the websites available today, put yours in the hands of a business that knows how to make it stand out and get as many new visitors to you as possible. Reach out using the convenient online form.

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