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Blog Writing: Why Outsource to a Professional?

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

It’s important to know when to outsource. As a busy business owner with endless responsibilities, certain aspects of a business may prove to be overwhelming to keep up with. Blogging on a website is a phenomenal way to drive traffic to it, and outsourcing this duty to a professional ghostwriter is one way to keep that valuable source of client potential while spending time on things that matter to the business.

At Making A Way Writing Services, we understand the complexity of running a business and can help you drive traffic to your website without the time-consuming job of actually writing the articles. Learn more about our blog writing services by calling 203-645-2000.

Why Blog Writing?

Adding blogs to a website is a valuable marketing tool. Some of the ways that a blog can help to increase business are:

  • Creates opportunities to share company information on social media

  • Improves engagement by answering frequently asked questions

  • Helps the site become recognized by search engines by creating more landing pages

  • Creates opportunities to turn potential clients into leads

  • Creates a platform to share company updates

A blog can do many things, including greatly improving the engagement that potential clients have with your site. This, in turn, will help to improve search engine optimization (SEO). The downside to creating and maintaining a successful blog is that the more popular it becomes, the more important it is that the blog stays current and well-written. As a business grows, it may become an overwhelming task to write lengthy and descriptive blog posts once a week or more. Since the posts need to include relevant information and keywords to be effective, outsourcing this task to a ghostwriter might be the next right move.


A ghostwriter is a trained writer who is not credited for the work that they do for other individuals. Instead, they agree to write for a person or business who hires them to do so, and the name of that person or company appears instead. Employment opportunities for a ghostwriter range from landing pages to novels and everything in between.

With writing being such a time-consuming and specific craft, not all business owners have the experience or time necessary to put the work in to create writing that benefits their business. A ghostwriter is an excellent investment when considering adding a blog to a website, being that it is a consistent need that requires a certain style and tone reflective of the business. Ghostwriters have the time and proficiency to focus on well-written and relevant blog posts.

Business owners have a never-ending to-do list. When outsourcing tasks like blog writing, they can allocate their time and energy to more useful things that will contribute to the growth of their business.

Driving Traffic with Blog Writing Services

Driving traffic to a website is the number one goal when setting up a site for a business. Creating a blog is a great tactic, but beyond that, knowing how to curate that blog to bring in the most potential clients is key.

Understanding the importance of keywords and keyword placement will put a business’ blog ahead of many others. Knowing how often to post blog articles, how many words they should be, and how to answer relevant questions in those articles are skills that aid in driving the most traffic possible to a site. A ghostwriter will understand the importance of SEO improvement and what sort of tactics are necessary to create it.

Understanding the business’ target audience is another important element of blogging. The style of writing that will correspond with readers’ interests is essential to engagement and is another skill that a ghostwriter can bring to the table.

Looking to Outsource Your Blog? Making A Way Writing Can Help

At Making A Way, ghostwriters are available to take the burden of blog writing off your shoulders. Let us free up your time and ensure quality writing for your blog that will help drive more traffic to your site. Contact us at 203-645-2000 to get started today.

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