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The Costs of Editing

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Completing a manuscript is an incredible accomplishment that takes time, work, and dedication. Writing is just one part of this lengthy process, in addition to research and revision. Once a first draft is complete, it can be challenging to know what the next steps should be.

Typically, before a manuscript is ready to be submitted for publishing, it needs to undergo some rigorous edits. Edits can be done by the author, but successfully published work is normally worked on by an editor or a series of editors to get it to the best place possible. When moving from the writing to the editing stage, a new author might be curious about whether the results of editing are worth the cost.

At Making A Way Writing, we take editing seriously and offer editing services to meet all of your writing and publishing needs.

good editing is worth the money

How Much Does Editing Cost?

There are different stages to editing that can be priced in varied ways. If a writer is interested in all the services that an editor can provide, it's important to know the cost specifics that come with each stage of editing.


Proofreading is the most basic service that an editor will typically provide. It involves general corrections of grammar, spelling, and formatting. Proofreading rates are rarely more than one or two cents per word. Sometimes an editor charges per page to proofread your manuscript, in which case the cost should be one or two dollars per page.

Copy Editing

Copy editing is a close look at the structure, grammar, word placement, and flow of a manuscript. This will involve a more detailed look at the manuscript than proofreading. This process is more time-consuming and will offer more feedback for specific corrections to improve the work. Copy editing might cost two to four cents per word or up to five dollars per page.

Line Editing

Line editing is a bit more in-depth than copy editing, and the pricing can be more varied. Line editing leaves room for personality and interpretation, as it involves word choice, style, and point of view. This serves to ensure not only that the manuscript is grammatically correct and coherent but that the author is using language in the best ways possible to convey their message. Keeping in mind that line editing may be priced based on experience, the typical range for this service is between four and nine cents per word or anywhere from five to fifteen dollars per page.

Developmental Editing

This phase of editing has more to do with elements of the story than grammar. Craft elements like plot, character and story arc all come into play when discussing developmental editing. Developmental editing tends to be the highest-cost type of editing because of the level of experience needed to do the job successfully. This is the most thoughtful and creative level of editing, and it matters who does it. The feedback gained in this stage can make or break your chances of publication. Because of the level of expertise necessary, developmental editing can cost between seven and twelve cents per word. The per-page cost can range from seven to twenty dollars per page.

hire an editor

Why Hire an Editor?

Editing is a time-consuming and sometimes tedious process that requires time and a specific skill set. While writing is a unique challenge, editing is an entirely different process. Writing a book is an incredible accomplishment, and any author who finishes a complete draft deserves to give themselves the best possible chance at publication. Utilizing the services of an editor to complete any of the necessary edits on a manuscript is essential to ensuring that a manuscript will be as readable, coherent, engaging, and attractive to publishers as it can be.

editing is crucial for clean content

Where Can I Find a Book Editor?

Just like anything else in today's market, there is no shortage of ways to find an editor for your writing. The problem is that not every person who claims to know how to edit a manuscript is capable of doing so.

Let Making A Way Writing Services Fulfill All of Your Editing Needs

One way to guarantee that you enter into a relationship with a reliable and experienced editor is to hire a writing services company like Making A Way.

At Making A Way, we are practiced and prepared to assist you with all of your editing needs, including:

  • Proofreading

  • Copy editing

  • Line editing

  • Developmental editing

Hiring an editor is an important investment that requires trust and respect. Contact us at and let Making A Way provide you with the professional and effective editing that you need and that your hard work deserves.

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